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Technical Library

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LEED Certification Chart for new and existing building

Airguard Green Building Brochure


Air Filtration

Methods of Filtration

HVAC Air Filtration Choices for Today

Do We Need a Holding Capacity Test?




ASHRAE 52.2-2012 - The updated Air Filter Standard

ASHRAE 52.2 Explained

ASHRAE Definitions 52.1

Filter Efficiency Selection Guide

Filter Efficiency / Application Guidelines

ASHRAE Standard 62-2001 - Air Cleaning Specifications


Protecting Building Environments


Air Filtration for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

ASHRAE Risk Management Report on Building Health and Safety

The Role of Air Filters in Protecting Building Environments from CBR Attacks (NIOSH/ASHRAE)

Chemical/Biological/Radiological (CBR) Contamination: Air Filtration Can Help Protect Your Facility

Protecting Building Occupants From Anthrax Attacks


European Reference Data

European Filter Efficiency Classes (EN779, EN1822)

Conversions - Common Metric Conversions used in Air Filtration Applications




Airguard Air Filtration for Healthcare brochure

Filter Efficiency for Central Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems in General Hospitals (ASHRAE Guidelines)

Filter Efficiency for Health Care Central Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

American Institute of Architects Filter Efficiency Recommendations
for Healthcare Facilities

HEPA Filters in Hospitals


HEPA Filters

Life Extension of HEPA Filters Using Various Prefilters

The Effect of Prefilters on the Performance of HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters in Commercial Buildings


HVAC Systems

Four Basic Categories of Air Handling Systems

Why Clean Coils Save Energy and Reduce HVAC Repair Costs

Energy Usage Comparison Between Clean and Dirty Coils

The Effect of Resistance on Air Flow

Filter Selection Guide - By Particle Size

Air Filter Selection Guide - HVAC Applications

What Causes Dirt Streaks Around Diffusers

Prefiltration Requirements for Carbon Filters


Industry Data

Microglass Fibers Confirmed Safe


Dust Collection

Welding Processes Pose Tough Challenge for Fume Collection


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