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Airguard’s Panel Filters

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Disposable Panel Filters

Purolator F312 & P312
Choose from two styles - 1", 2" thicknesses

Fiberglass and Synthetic Media
Pinch frame construction with scrim retainer
65 - 85% arrestance

Sales Brochure
F312 Cut Sheet

Sales Brochure
P312 Cut Sheet

Tri-Plex® 85

Industrial Grade fiberglass media
Die cut beverage board frame
80 - 85% arrestance

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Ring Panels, Links, Slip-Ons

The Activator Series
Select from three styles - 2-ply, & 3-ply

Made from tough polyester fibers
Self-sealing. No latches required
Tackified media

The Activator Series Sales Brochure

Cut Sheet 2 Ply
Cut Sheet  3 Ply

Series N Sales Brochure
Cut Sheet

Slip-on Sales Brochure


Type HD - Steel Construction
Type HS - Aluminum Construction

Washable for repeated use
Ideal for high moisture or high velocity conditions
Low resistance
65 - 70% arrestance

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Type HS-Aluminum Cut Sheet
Type HD-Steel Cut Sheet


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